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Terms And Conditions

Thakkar Tour & Travels is 20 years old tours and travel company in New Delhi, India. We are a travel leader in North India with high-quality, affordable itinerary planner and destination management service that offer all-inclusive tour and travel planning across the country & abroad.

We need you to make the most of your vacation and would propose you start via cautiously perusing all the data contained on this site, which should then empower you to choose the travel most reasonable for you.

When you book a travel with us, we both go into aauthentic contract with commitments on both of our parts. The following conditions characterize these commitments. If it's not too much trouble perused these all around cautiously and let us know whether any paragraph are not clear before making a booking with us. We would be glad to clarify any policy which you don't comprehend or you feel require further explanation.


When you make a booking you ensure that you have the advisor to acknowledge, and do acknowledge in the interest of your travelling, the details of these booking conditions. An agreement will exist when we issue our booking confirmation receipt. This agreement is made on the provisions of these booking conditions which are administered by Indian Law and we both consent to follow the ward of the Indian Courts (Gurugaon, Haryana Jurisdiction) consistently.


Your trip specialist is there to guide you with booking and help in regards to your vacation. Any guidance given to you by your trip specialist that did not depend on counsel given by us to the trip specialist is the trip specialist's duty. We don't acknowledge obligation for any mistaken guidance given to you in these conditions. Your trip specialist will likewise act to hand-off data between the two gatherings and again we won't acknowledge risk for disappointment by a trip specialist to do this appropriately. Any cash paid by you to the trip specialist is held by them for the benefit of The Company.


It is the customer's duty to acquire every single vital identification, visas, wellbeing authentications, driving licenses and other documentation required for going on vacation. We won't acknowledge obligation in the event that you can't travel since you have not agreed to prerequisites. The Company will give direction here yet the customer must make proper enquiries with the applicable specialists. Any dispute or legal complaint will be handled in Gurgaon (Haryana) jurisdiction.


All travel cost occur to you through us has to be paid before completing journey. All international tour bookings are accepted with the booking amount of 25% travel cost. Should you or any individual from your group wish to cancel your booking once it has been confirmedthen you will be obligated to pay cancellation charges. So as to offer the most focused travel cost to you, the concurrences with our accomplices are prohibitive hence except if we state generally recorded as a hard copy at the hour of booking. All crossing out notification must be made recorded as a hard copy by the individual who made the first reserving.


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